Non-EU Visa guide

A Visa Guide for non-EU citizens wishing to live or work in Italy.

As a Sardinian Real Estate Agent who works extensively in the international property market, I am regularly asked by clients residing outside the EU about the options available to become resident in Italy. This has become especially common since the UK left the EU.

There are many types of Visa available and each persons individual circumstances will dictate he best route, however the most common Visa by far is an Elective residence (Permesso Di Soggiorno Per Residenza Elettiva) and this is what I will discuss below.

To apply for this type of Visa you must meet the following requirements:

  • Availability of a house to be elected as residence, (rental contract, certificate of ownership, etc.).
    There are two methods to achieve this. 1. You can demonstrate that you have purchased a property for residential use in Italy by presenting the notarial deed, or you can demonstrate the will to acquire it by presenting the preliminary purchase contract (drawn up by a lawyer or notary) as well as a copy of the documentation proving the transfer of the initial deposit. Note: the Visa will be issued at the time of completion of the property purchase. OR 2. you can obtain a rental contact for at least one year.
  • Documentation certifying the availability of autonomous economic resources. These resources exclude any current employment or wage BUT can come from any passive income associated with the ownership of annuities (pensions, annuities), from the possession of real estate (Rental Income etc), from the ownership of stable economic-commercial activities or from other sources. The minimum income required is €31,000 euros per year for an individual applicant. If you plan to move with a family, the amount of monthly income must be increased by 20% for a spouse and by at least 5% for each child, whether the latter is a minor or a dependent adult.
  • Insurance policy, valid throughout Italy, against the risk of illness and accidents.  Foreigners must obtain international health insurance (valid in all Schengen countries) with a minimum duration of 30 days and a minimum coverage of €30,000 for emergency hospitalization costs and repatriation costs.

Visa duration, renewal and withdrawal.

The duration of the visa is 1 year and is renewable on annual basis in Italy at the Police Headquarters provided that the original requirements are maintained.

The residence permit cannot be renewed or extended if your stay in Italy has been interrupted for a continuous period of more than six months, unless the interruption is due to the need to fulfil military obligations or other serious and proven reasons.

After 5 years, it is possible to apply for the long-term residence card, with validity of 5 years.
After 10 years it is possible to apply for Italian citizenship.


You can apply for the residence permit (VISA) at an authorized post office, by filling in their forms and attaching the following documents:

  • photocopy of all pages of the passport or other equivalent document;
  • photocopy of the documentation certifying the availability of a home in Italy (cadastral certificate or deed of purchase and sale of the property, lease contract, etc…);
  • photocopy of the documentation certifying the availability of adequate economic resources deriving from annuities (pensions, annuities, from the possession of real estate properties or from other sources of income, other than employment);
  • receipt of the prepaid postal slip of 27.50 euros for issuing the electronic residence permit.

In order to collect the residence permit, it is required to present the documentation certifying the fulfilment of the obligations regarding health to the Police Headquarters. To this end, the applicant can produce documentation of an insurance policy with Italian or foreign institutions or voluntary registration with the National Health Service.

Please find below some useful government websites where they explain in more detail.

INPS Guida (ITA)Post Guida (ITA)Modulo 2 (ITA)Modulo 1 (ITA)

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