Sardinian properties and dealing with Urban planning

To enhance your property, a lot of attention is paid to the presentation: with home staging, photos, videos, virtual tours, but I often see that the basics are neglected.

To enhance property value, much emphasis is placed on presentation: home staging, photos, videos, and virtual tours. However, the substance often gets neglected.

A crucial factor, along with appeal, in preventing a property from being undersold is ensuring its urban planning compliance. This compliance not only provides invaluable peace of mind but also facilitates a faster sale at the best price.

The Building Compliance Report (RRE) or Urban Compliance Certificate certifies the conformity between the project filed with the municipality and the actual state of the property. While not mandatory, it is increasingly requested by notaries during real estate transactions. Here are some advantages and benefits of urban compliance and possessing a compliance certificate:

  1. Greater Legal Security: Urban compliance offers a solid legal foundation for real estate transactions. The compliance certificate reduces the risk of legal disputes related to administrative non-compliance, providing greater security for both seller and buyer.
  2. Speeding Up Transactions: An urban compliance certificate simplifies the real estate transaction process. Complete and compliant documentation reduces waiting times, expediting the transaction’s conclusion.
  3. Prevention of Future Problems: The RRE or urban compliance certificate provides an accurate analysis of the property’s state. This allows sellers to correct any discrepancies before the sale, avoiding potential contractual issues and reducing the likelihood of future disputes.
  4. Facilitation of Financing: Financial institutions often require the urban compliance certificate for mortgage applications. Its presence reassures lenders about the property’s compliance, facilitating the loan approval process.
  5. Compliance with Renovation Projects: For renovation or layout changes, the urban compliance certificate ensures that proposed changes comply with local regulations and approved plans, avoiding penalties and ensuring the legality of the work.
  6. Enhancement of the Property’s Image: An urban compliance certificate enhances the property’s market image. Buyers are more inclined to consider compliant properties, reducing the perceived risk associated with the transaction.
  7. Minimization of Risks: Urban compliance helps minimize risks related to penalties and fines due to non-compliance. Buyers are more likely to invest in compliant properties, reducing the risks associated with purchasing a non-compliant property.

In conclusion, urban compliance and the compliance certificate are crucial for ensuring legality, transparency, and security in real estate transactions, enhancing the property’s value, and facilitating the sales process.