Where is Sardinia

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If you have never heard of Sardinia, it is a beautiful Italian island situated smack-bang in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea just below Corsica. It boasts extensive mountain ranges, wide valleys, and broad plateaus and being one of the most geologically ancient lands in Europe, unlike most of Italy,  it is thankfully not prone to earthquakes.

One of the wonderful things about Sardinia is that it offers so many environments. Beautiful beaches, epic mountains and a modern cities like Cagliari all such a short distance apart .

You could spend the morning in the hills surrounded by greenery, where the air is fresh and scented by pine sap, have an organic lunch at an “agriturismo” farmhouse, be sunbathing in the afternoon on a deserted white sandy beach with turquoise water and then take dinner and drinks in a modern 24hr city with all the amenities you could ever need.

It is an ideal beach holiday destination in the summer, but thanks to the mild weather it is also ideal for rural tourism throughout the year: food and wine, equestrian, trekking and mountain biking.

Who am I?

My name is Valeria. After many years working in the property and travel trade industries in London, I have returned to my homeland of Sardinia and now run Ajo Real Estate Agency here in Cagliari.

I am a fully qualified Italian estate agent and an experienced travel trade marketeer. Ajo provides real estate brokerage services including Co-hosting, Property Finder and Estate agent services.