San Gregorio

San Gregorio is a pretty village nestled in the mountains of Sette Fratelli with streets paved with cobblestones and dry-stone...

Nestled in the majestic Sette Fratelli Mountains, a charming village awaits your visit: San Gregorio. 

With its intricate, cobblestoned streets that wind their way throughout the village and exquisite dry-stone walls, San Gregorio is a testament to Sardinian craftsmanship. In the 1800s, San Gregorio was the favorite vacation spot of the Cagliari bourgeoisie, who constructed awe-inspiring villas and architectural marvels. 

These villas boasted expansive gardens, private parks, and breathtaking panoramic views of both the mountains and the Gulf of Cagliari. At the heart of the village stands a quaint but illustrious church, dedicated to San Gregorio, where you can attend Mass on Saturday evenings. 

The village is bisected by the venerable east Sardinian Road (ss125) and the renowned Campuomu. 

Here, patrons can enjoy the authentic Sardinian cuisine offered by the Su Passu bar-restaurant, open for lunch. 

And from the narrow, winding streets of the village, one can easily access hiking trails that lead deep into the surrounding forests.


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