Buying property in Sardinia is really interesting

Sardinia has much to offer, with great weather most of the year, authentic & friendly people, food to overload the...

Sardinia has much to offer, with great weather most of the year, authentic & friendly people, food to overload the tastebuds and a range of interesting properties in all types of environments.

One aspect of Sardinia that is not so common in the rest of Europe are that homes are generally built by families rather than property developers, and although sharing similar design features they are often quite diverse in size, shape and specification, even attached houses can have very different layouts and construction.

What this means is that you very rarely find streets with cookie cutter houses that all look the same. Instead, each house looks very individual which in my opinion makes them much more interesting.

The same goes for the locations, Sardinia is a diverse landscape with mountains, seaside, city and countryside all relatively close, so your preference of environment can be easily fulfilled as long as the budget is willing.

Many foreign buyers arrive longing to explore Sardinian nature and will prefer more rural properties either near to the beaches or nestled into the mountains. This goes in contradiction to many Sardinians who often prefer the safety net of an urban environment where everything is on your doorstep including family and friends.

Luckily for foreign buyers there are more and more rural properties coming onto the market, many used to be holiday homes for Sardinians and with the expansion of fast internet & growth of remote working, more and more young families are taking them over as their primary residence to enjoy a more peaceful environment for both themselves and their children.

Whatever your preference, Sardinia can usually deliver, and due to the diverse property types, it is always a very interesting journey.

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My name is Valeria. After many years working in the property and travel trade industries in London, I have returned to my homeland of Sardinia and now run Ajo Real Estate Agency here in Cagliari.

I am a fully qualified Italian estate agent and an experienced travel trade marketeer. Ajo provides real estate brokerage services including Co-hosting, Property Finder and Estate agent services.

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